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Unicorporated is a life coaching company that specializes in helping people turn their passions and purpose into successful careers and businesses.

At Unicorporated, we believe everyone has a specific purpose for their life – you just need a little bit of help to find it and know how to turn the vision into reality.

That’s why we’ve developed modern techniques to help you uncover your true potential and achieve turn it into a successful career or business. 

We combine 1-on-1 video coaching sessions with practical action implementation plans to help you identify and execute personal and career goals.

In doing so we implement the following core beliefs into everything we do:


We believe that every action we take must incorporate high integrity or we do not take it. Integrity is integral to the impact we wish to leave on the world. It may be tempting to take shortcuts for temporary gain, but we know that it will eventually lead to undesirable outcomes.


We do not approach any coaching session or action plan without a high level of energy. We ensure our energy is aligned with our customers and their desired outcomes. 


Once we have decided to collaborate with you on your personal transformation, we only do so by incorporating a high degree of thought and analysis to your specific goals and unique situation. Using our geometric algorithms makes this process easier but it was only by using this same level of intelligence that we were able to create our algorithms.

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Emmanuel Charles - CEO & FOUNDER

-Juris Doctorate from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law

-B.S. in Business Management

-Certified Life Coach

-Certified Meditation Instructor


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