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Awakenings Come In Many Forms: Are You Having One?

Updated: Jan 8

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You may be going through an awakening without even knowing it.

Discussing awakenings is becoming more common these days but in the west the term is used so ubiquitously, it’s hard to even know what one means when they say they had an “awakening.” For clarity’s sake, this article is discussing the form of awakening commonly referred to as a kundalini awakening.

More to come on precisely what it is but suffice to say, awakenings are no small ordeal. Many people aren’t aware that awakenings come in all shapes and sizes. There are many paths to take to a kundalini awakening. The slower paths are the paths where we gain the necessary experience through consciously participating in life situations rather than rapid awakening through yogic practices.

My initial awakening began the slower way but the experience led me to pursue deeper and deeper forms of yogic practices. There are some key symptoms you can use to identify a spiritual awakening. Once identified, you can avoid any of the dangers that may come from ignoring the symptoms and know how to take advantage of the opportunity you have in front of you.

At the end of the day, an awakening is an opportunity to evolve into a higher version of yourself. That’s what’s important about them. That you get the benefit of a clear result while you learn to know yourself and solve your problems in an entirely new way. The great part about having an awakening through the life experience path is you have a clear comparison for the benefits you’re obtaining by comparing your old way of living and its results to your new life.

What is a kundalini awakening and why does it happen?

Depending on your life experiences you may be aware and accepting of basic eastern yogic principles founded in the metaphysical. Principles that would need an entire article dedicated to them to even scratch their surface. They are the same principles examined by ancient western philosophers and mathematicians. The same principals being proven true by quantum physics in recent years.

The ultimate takeaway from these practices and the modern research is that the universe as humanity can experience it isn’t what it appears to be. Quantum physics shows that energy is waves, that can be observed as particles and combined into atoms forming the illusion of matter. But at its heart, matter is still energy vibrating, giving the illusion of physicality.

Yoga teaches that while this energy is unified and formless, it can also experience individuality, separating itself from the whole to have a personalized experience. The Atman in Sanskrit, or what we could call the soul in the west. It’s the higher power in all of us. Think about when you watched Michael Jordan perform and felt like it was a god in a Jordan costume.

That energy is what ultimately powers us, but in the body, the usable form of it is largely trapped in our lowest energy center, the sexual energy center. This energy center manages our survival instinct, our desires, and our sense of ego. Given we are all energy, our material lives reflect the vibrational patterns we exhibit energetically.

While with a deep dedication to a yogic or hermetic practice under a guru’s training one can instantaneously raise their kundalini, without the proper support system this would be dangerous. The reason why is the energy would bring all trauma and everything in your life that doesn’t serve you out all at once so you can resolve it quickly. It would result in an upheaval of your life. Typically these practices are reserved for aesthetics and renunciates.

Instead, if someone lives their life with either enough careful observation of their experiences, enough suffering that they learn from, or in most cases, some combination of both. They will work through the issues of survival, desire, and most of ego, naturally leaving the kundalini ready to rise to the next major center, the heart center. As kundalini enters the heart center, the kundalini awakening amplifies.

I think I’m having a kundalini awakening, now what?

Ultimately, having a kundalini awakening is an opportunity. The majority of people who operate at a high level of creative energy have had a kundalini awakening. You should be excited that this is happening to you and start thinking of the best ways to take advantage of it. The other reason you should be thinking of how to handle it is because ignoring it can potentially be dangerous.

When the higher energy in you is trying to rise there will be various symptoms to get your attention. Once such symptom is that you’re starting to disconnect with one or more key parts of your life. Things that you cared about mean a lot less to you now. Another is a sudden shift in interests or thinking about changing careers. These shifts can come on in varying degrees but are almost always signs that your kundalini is approaching your heart center.

The dangerous symptom is when you start to suffer poor physical health suddenly. It can be anything as subtle as suddenly experiencing fatigue where you were normally an energetic person, or something extreme like a major disease or illness coming out of nowhere. One of the most common traits of awakened people is an ability to heal themselves on some level. A major illness often presents itself as one of the first opportunities for you to learn this ability, even if that means by making major changes in your life.

Amazingly, once you address the energetic issue and move the energy into your heart center the hardest part is done. The heart center is responsible for integrating your energy with energies of the upper energy center, which deals with authentic (non-egoic) communication, intuition, and higher purpose. Your heart center will naturally guide you towards your upper energy center.

How do I move the kundalini into the heart and higher energy center?

When the energy is attempting to enter your heart center, how quickly it happens, or if it happens at all, is contingent on your ability to put the egoic phase behind you. It boils down to a life of service to self versus a life of service to others. The ego is not us. We only get an ego when our higher energy enters the body. When we identify with our bodies we think we are our ego which is why we fear death. The ego cannot survive without the body. You can.

Ego bases all of its actions on fear. Fear of loss, fear of scarcity, fear of suffering, even fear of fear itself. Once your energy enters the heart center, there is no more fear for survival and you have the temperance to balance your desires. At this point we can access parts of our consciousness dormant to us when we are still in our egoic phase.

Our kundalini can only rise without the use of practices such as kriya yoga once our physical and mental bodies are ready. The physical body is the easy part. You want to temporarily have a diet that is low in processed foods and eat as much raw food as you can. You should always stimulate your body to a point of high exertion for at least 15 minutes on most days (factoring in medical advice in both cases). These simple steps will help prepare you physically for your kundalini to rise.

To prepare your mind for the process, you need to include some form of meditation practice to disrupt the programming we’re fed daily. It can be a practice of sitting still with your eyes closed for 15 minutes twice a day or for an hour or more. Take advantage of brainwave frequencies on YouTube to enter meditative states within minutes. If you’re one of many people who finds it too difficult to sit still, engage in a motion meditation such as Osho’s Dynamic Meditation practice.

“That is the real spiritual awakening, when something emerges in you that is deeper than who you thought you were. So, the person is still there, but one could almost say that something more powerful shines through the person.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Without proactive action on our parts, our lives are capped once we get to a certain point. No matter how brilliant you may be, once you reach a certain age, without an awakening, our capabilities will hit a ceiling. It’s due to the nature of the programming we receive on a daily basis. It gets harder to change your programming the older you get. The more solidified we are in our thought patterns and beliefs, the less neuroplasticity our brains exhibit. Our cells retain more and more of the information our subconscious mind absorbs. At some point they will only repeat the same programming.

When awakening happens, you are being given an opportunity to rapidly reprogram your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind that governs 95% of our brain activity and which we typically have no control over. It’s the spiritual equivalent of taking the limitless pill. Suddenly you know things, you know how to do things, and you know how to learn to do things quickly. You’ll gain sense of purpose for your life and know how to take the necessary steps to execute on your vision.

Many people who are going through an awakening naturally gravitate towards practices such as western yoga, affirmation and mantra chanting, and creative visualization. They are cheap or free, don’t take much commitment, and are easily accessible. They are great techniques, but they are magnitudes more powerful when you learn the esoteric techniques and experiences behind them. They change from being techniques to being powerfully transformative experiences each time you practice them.

A great way to learn how to unlock these aspects of your practice is under the experience of a qualified coach. They can help you learn these techniques in a way that can be put into immediate action to start transforming your life now. Either way, if you’re experiencing awakening symptoms and are looking for guidance, please invest in creating a daily practice, even if you only invest your sincerity and time. It will be worth it.

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