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How To Break Free from Being Stuck in a Loop

Updated: Jan 8

Feeling stuck? Be it work, relationship, or otherwise, to get out of the loop you need to level up in a key area, fast.

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a loop? Like time passes by, but your life is not growing at the same rate you know it could be? It’s common to get caught up in these loops or cycles. We follow the patterns of the group until one day we realize we aren’t the group. Often by that time it can feel like it’s too late to do anything about it. Like we’re stuck with a life we just realized we didn’t want for ourselves.

There is no one size fits all mold for happiness. But there are proven methods to rapidly evolve. The key to taking advantage of these techniques is to be dedicated to your evolution and to understand how human beings evolve in this era. Once you take advantage of these methods you can explode past your current state of consciousness, opening opportunities you never dared to dream of.

The fastest way to break free from a loop is to change your perspective. The problem for most people is this simply takes too long and there’s no guarantee the new perspective will even offer you a better view. But what if you could instead see all perspectives at once and pick and choose the path you’ll take based on the result you want?

To do this requires rapid evolution. The good news is the game of evolving has changed. We don’t have to wait millions of years for the changes we need to manifest in our posterity. We can create the change we want now. It doesn’t even require a lot of work on the front end. The only question is how dedicated are you going to be to making it happen?

The game of evolution has changed and we have opportunities not previously available to humanity.

Evolution has evolved. While our ancestors largely lived to survive, at some point they developed personhood. They stopped being animals and became beings. While evolutions can take hundreds of millions of years to physically manifest in the bodies of animals, the consciousness of beings can evolve far faster. Just look at how quickly humanity has evolved its consciousness in the past twenty years.

When discussing an evolution of human consciousness, it should be noted that it occurs on two levels. There is the consciousness of the collective species as well as the consciousness of each individual person. They’re both made of the same parts, but so long as one’s consciousness is only evolving at the rate of the collective’s pace, you’ll never find your true purpose. You’ll be too caught up in following collective norms.

Luckily, we live in a time where there are so many ways to hack your consciousness and evolve it quickly that we control the rate at which evolution of consciousness happens. The process of evolution used to solely take place through passing information genetically through generations over millions of years until the DNA programmed the new traits into future generations. That’s still how it occurs for animals.

The shift happened when our ancestors evolved past being animals and became human beings. Human beings have the unique trait of evolving their consciousness rapidly within a single lifetime. It’s what the yogic sciences are designed to do and it’s what the gnostic teachings and rituals accomplish. You no longer need to be a mystic or a hermetic to take advantage of these teachings. Many of them have been confirmed by modern science and can be easily implemented into your daily life.

To manifest the life you truly want, first you have to know what you truly want.

To evolve quickly, you need to view your life with some form of structure to which you can measure your progress over time. The issue for many people is the primary structure they use as a measuring stick is their careers. While this seems to make sense at first, the problem is it ties your being and sense of life’s experience and fulfillment to something that rests outside of yourself. That’s a recipe for suffering and delays to your personal progress.

Even as scientists are proving our reality is some form of simulation, the Buddha said as much 2,500 years ago. He was one of many yogis to teach that reality was an experience generated from within us. One of his key teachings was that suffering was caused by attachment to things outside of ourselves. These attachments come in all shapes in sizes: possessions, relationships, and status to name a few.

Careers are certainly on that list, but their importance is amplified due to the impact they have on the other common attachments. For instance, your job title and salary are the number one indicators of status and your limit on purchasing material things. The reason this is problematic is because like everything outside of you, your career will change. Especially in this era where workers have become more transient than ever.

It's also not healthy to be so dedicated to something outside of yourself because it detracts from the amount of attention you spend on maintaining your inner world. The world that’s responsible for 95% of our brain activity and ultimately for our human experience. Evolution of consciousness stems from a firm concentration on your inner world which is where you should prioritize learning to set goals as a normal part of your routine.

Instead you should structure your evolution to your internal world and goals. With this inner knowledge revealed, setting and accomplishing outer world goals becomes easier.

When we structure our lives according to our internal world, the outer world naturally follows. Eventually, we see all options and can pick and choose the life we want. You can start by figuring out what your purpose is. Not your job or your career, but your purpose. What mark are you here to leave on the planet?

Jobs come and go. What if you’re stuck in the wrong career, how does tying your growth to it help your evolution? Potentially in the long run, but there’s a way to evolve faster now. It starts with figuring out your vision for life. You should have 3 week, 3 month, and 3 year goals for your personal growth at all times. The key to setting effective goals is making sure they align with your life vision.

While you’re still figuring out your life’s vision, you can instead tailor these goals around evolving your consciousness. Measure where you are in terms of how you view the world today, how your energy levels are, and what your outlook on life is. Write it down and set a goal to have a better perspective on the world, to have higher energy levels, and to have a broader outlook on life in three weeks.

The key after that is action. Take up a practice at least twice a day for 15 minutes. There are various practices and each will suit different personalities differently. However, once you’ve narrowed down your practice, you can see where you are after 3 weeks. Measure your progress.

Did you accomplish your goals? Take this goal and increase the difficulty to the next level and turn it into a three month goal where you assess and adjust it as necessary every 30 days. Then make a new 3 week goal. If you didn’t accomplish it that’s fine, set it again for 3 weeks and integrate a different practice. Once you’ve reached it go for three months.

Once you start setting multiple goals and factoring in outer world goals, it’s a must to ensure the goals align with your life vision.

If tracked accurately you’ll have a series of goals that are constantly evolving, changing, and overlapping. This type of stimulation and unpredictability will force your consciousness to expand and use more of itself to help you meet all the demands you are putting on it. At that point, the most important thing to ensuring rapid results is making sure each goal aligns with your life vision.

As you continue to do this work, you should have a sense for your life’s purpose and your vision for where you see yourself at the end of your life. Your vision will grow and change, but once you find your purpose it tends to guide the way. To find our purpose we must understand that once we’ve guaranteed our survival, life is about the pursuit of potential.

We all come here with unlimited potential. The question is, how do we direct our attention to best arouse this potential? Initially this can be based on what you are naturally great at or what you are passionate about. It’s okay to start small, but the key here is to not be afraid to dream big. Set a lofty goal for your life and pursue it with vigor. Constantly evolving your consciousness along the way.

By going inward first you’ll join the growing number of western academic and scientific institutions demystifying mysticism as monks and yogis continue to be tested and collaborate in studies and experiments. By directing our attention inward as an initial matter, we emerge with the knowledge of what actions will build the life we want and the relentless creative energy to pursue our purpose.

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