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How To Take Your Power Back Today

Updated: Jan 13

Humans are only using a fraction of our mental and physical resources and the problem starts from the time we are born.

From the time we are born humans are programmed to give away their power. I use the word program not to be dramatic but to be scientific. From birth until the age of seven the brain resonates at delta and then theta brain wave frequencies. At these frequencies the brain is in a hypnagogic trance, the same neural state used to program new behaviors into hypnotherapy clients.

With no mobility or ability to effectively communicate, the willpower of children is generally taken for granted. They are looked at as helpless and powerless. Cute creatures for us to nurture and show the way of the world. However, modern studies are showing that infants are engaging in sophisticated brain processes we previously took for granted because they were unable to verbalize their thoughts.

Adults treat infants like they are helpless and condition into them that they are not capable of accomplishing anything without support or assistance. When children are finally old enough to go to school, they are further conditioned to seek approval and behave just as the other children behave or have your power further restricted through punishments that can also be humiliating.

By the time a child leaves the hypnogogic state at age seven they’ve had the two strongest powers they’re born with all but programmed out of them, their willpower and their creative power. We let the need for order take priority over the beautiful expression of human will and the need for uniformity smother the creative fire that burns naturally in each child. The good news is there are simple ways to reclaim this power as adults.

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” ~Warren Buffet

One of the most frequent ways we are programmed to give our power away is by feeling obliged to say yes to everything. We don’t want to be a bad son, wife, friend, or parent so we have to say yes even though we know that it’s something we either genuinely don’t have time for or it’s something we simply don’t want to do. Doing the polite or socially acceptable thing can take priority over doing what you think is right, or simply what you want to do.

Since it’s done so frequently, it's one of the easiest ways to start taking your power back. Remember this isn’t just about proving a point to yourself, it’s about reprogramming your neural pathways and your subconscious. If you want a different life, you need to change your programming. How can you do that quickly?

You should never take part in any activity that will drain you of your energy or during which you’ll feel like you’re doing something you don’t want to do. Are there times where you might have to out of compassion for someone you love? Yes, but it shouldn’t be the standard and it should only be for people who truly value your presence.

You can apply this mindset to all activities. Will you have to go to mandatory work meetings? If not showing up will affect your job status you should probably go to mandatory meetings, but not optional meetings. Those pointless ones where you know you won’t gain anything of value and you’re going to fall behind on your other work. It’s not even a question, skip them every time. Start saying no to things that are a waste of your time and you’ll feel your power and self-respect grow.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” ~Maya Angelou

One of the fastest ways to reclaim your power of will is to stop trying to live up to someone else’s definition of success. Success is only success when you do it on your own terms. The overwhelming majority of people are defining success by the definition that has been programmed into mainstream society. It’s nothing more than a formula for survival.

Success is currently defined by society in general as making enough money to live in a nice place and have nice means of transportation. The more money you make the more numerous and the nicer the places and means of transportation get, but the overall goal is still the same. If you look at the most financially successful people in our society and analyze what they do with their money you’ll find even more evidence.

No wonder humanity is so miserable. How can anyone be joyful if the only goal is to get a bigger house and more cars? Our external world reflects our internal world. The energy that makes up the particles that make us up moves in certain patterns. We know from yoga is that this energy starts in the survival energy center and advances up as we evolve. Humanity’s definition of success shows us that humanity as a whole hasn’t evolved past the survival phase.

That doesn’t mean you have to be stuck there. You can redefine success for yourself today. The next step after survival is the desire energy center. It’s time for humanity to stop doing what others tell them they need to do to succeed because a house and a car isn’t success, it’s just survival. Instead you need to do what you truly desire. What is your passion? Find that out and invest in it.

Only by finding your passion and investing your time and energy into it will you truly seize your power back and know yourself fully. Following your passion will help you determine your true purpose and that’s where your true power lies. Once you’ve found your passion and spent some time in your desire energy center, then you can move onto the next center, the self-mastery center.

“The day you stop caring what other people think of you is the day your life begins.” ~Aaron Eckhart

Humans give away a tremendous amount of their power doing what they think will make others look at them in a favorable light. I challenge you to ask yourself how many things you do just for yourself every day. Count it if you’re not sure. There’s a good chance the number will be lower than you’d expect.

From caring what our parents will think of our partner, to caring what our friends will think of our job, to caring what everyone else at our jobs will think of what we wear, humans are consistently boggled with having to obtain unspoken, and sometimes spoken, social approvals. Approvals of this nature are nothing compared to the additional approvals we must keep up with on social media.

We spend so much time validating ourselves against the backdrop of what our friends, family, co-workers, and society at large will think that in the process we never stop to think about what we truly want. Or if we do, it’s as an afterthought that gets pushed aside. In the process, we give away our power of will and our creative power. We become a lot less like human beings and more like animals. It’s monkey see monkey do in a quest to make sure we aren’t last in the rat race.

Try this out for one week. Stop caring what anyone thinks about you. Start small. Wear what you want to wear because it makes you feel good. Eat what you want to eat with no concern for what anyone thinks about it. As you gain confidence in your ability to live life on your terms, increase the level of independence you’re exercising. Tell your boss you’re going to do the assignment the way you think it should be done. Tell your partner you’re going to look for a new career that comports with who you are. Each step of the way you’ll be reclaiming your power and building the life you want to live.

It boils down to undoing the programming we receive from the time we are born. The programming is designed to create a community, to create society, but in the process, it takes away the greatest power we have as humans.

Unfortunately, during the process of programming a reliance on others into us we lose our greatest strength. Our sense of self-love retreats, buried behind the incessant voices telling us we aren’t enough. Self-love is greater even than our power of will and our creative power. Without self-love there is nothing to power these with.

As human beings we are beings in a human body. Spirit having a material experience. When our attention focuses solely on the material, that’s the only power we have. It’s limited and if you analyze the world today you’ll see a world being run by a species that has met its limits. In order to push past any limitation, you must find a way to expand.

The ability to expand lies inside each of us. It’s fueled by love of self. Not love of your status, or your things, or your body, or even your mind. Love of the true self. The energy that powers you. The consciousness that motivates you beyond the material. That motivates you to be. The self inside of you. You know which one. Close your eyes and awaken to it.

The greatest lie ever told to humans is that our power lies outside of us. Our power lies in the self. Learning to say no, redefining success, and not caring what others think are all ways of doing the same thing. Remembering your worth and your value. Self-love is the greatest power you have and once that is unlocked you can unleash your power of will to create the life you want now.

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