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Living Your Dreamlife Comes Down to Understanding a Key Concept and a Few Minutes a Day

Updated: Jan 7

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We're trained to overanalyze and as a result overcomplicate things. Knowing how to manifest the life of your dreams isn’t complicated and it doesn’t take that much work on the front end.

We live in a world of duality. This makes sense if you ascribe to modern science’s findings that the world is being generated from within each of us. If the world reflects the insides of each human being, then surely the duality that roots itself at the very core of humanity would have a center seat at the table that is reality.

We see this duality reflected in virtually everything, from male and female, to democrat or republican, to day and night. At its core, it’s a song as old as time. The dance between the equally important but rarely balanced mandates humans are born with. The biological imperative and the metaphysical imperative.

The biological imperative can be explained by showing what it has done for us. It’s the thing that allowed humanity to evolve to the top of the food chain in record time. The thing that allowed us to bounce back from COVID-19 so quickly. Our genetic mandate to survive at all costs.

The metaphysical imperative seems trickier at first glance, but its easily explainable when we look to the field of quantum physics. Metaphysical is simply that which we know is there but cannot see with our bare eyes. Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, described the atoms and subatomic particles in his body over 2,500 years ago. Now physicists are able to measure those same particles (or waves, depending on how they’re observed) with modern equipment.

The metaphysical imperative can be explained by looking at another aspect of humanity. Our ever-present need for expansion. Whether by discovery or conquest, reflected in our incessant need for improvement and even our eternal search for the divine, we are constantly seeking expansion beyond any means necessary for survival. Ask any billionaire and they’ll tell you that after they acquired a billion dollars, they found out a billion dollars is not enough.

Understanding how to operate the sophisticated machine that is the human body reveals meaningful answers. Studied deeply enough, sages have proven it can provide answers to virtually everything.

The human body is an amazingly effective and complex biological machine. If we were to convert its processing power into a computer the machine would be worth at least billions. Yet everyone gets one for free, and most people don’t even know there are user manuals. These manuals aren’t found in western textbooks, they are used by adherents of ancient practices, such as Gnostic Christianity and Kabbalistic Judaism, with the largest group of such texts belonging to the Yogic sciences of India.

Yoga is the most universal of these because while it finds its roots in Hinduism and the related deities can play a significant role, teachings of yogic masters such as the Buddha and Pantanjali effectively stripped the practices of their theological makeup reducing them to what they are at their core, a set of processes that when repeated in the perfect form produce the same result every time. It’s literally science. A process of discovery by applying a repeated set of actions. An algorithm of sorts.

What those processes have taught for millennia is what modern science is now confirming. That the human experience is an energetic one. On the human body there are certain key energy points that have a dramatic effect on our life. They’re known by various names, for instance, as chakras in Indian yoga, as dantians in Zen Buddhism, and simply as energy centers by the scientific community.

Learning to balance our attention between our material and our metaphysical worlds is what the yogis and sages have accomplished with seeming ease for millennia. But it’s not the only way.

It’s easy to conclude the ancient techniques are impossible to use in modern society. That you need to be a renunciate under the guidance of a guru in the Himalayas to get results. That’s likely true if your goal is to reach the level of samadhi (a state of full awareness, nirvana, the ultimate goal of yoga) attained by yogis like Ghandi, Yoganandi, or Ramakrishna. If you’re like most, the goal is to live an exuberant life where you wake up each day bursting with gratitude for what the universe has in store for you. That is a lot easier.

Here's what you need to know to achieve that goal. The dueling imperatives is really a story of our physical bodies and our energy bodies. The energy body goes by many names depending on where the practice of cultivating it comes from (e.g. prana in India, qi or chi in China). The invisible life force that powers our physical bodies. We’re born with a large amount of its energy source coiled at the base of our spines in our sexual center, kundalini. Most humans use that portion of the prana as their primary source of energy outside of food. To be capable of manifesting our dream life, we must move the energy from the lowest center to the higher centers where it can activate more of our brain and energy body.

While Yoga acknowledges seven primary chakras (out of 114) or energy vortexes, Zen only recognizes three dantians or energy fields. Both are right but let’s focus on the three dantians. The lowest, the sexual center is where our energy is trapped. This energy center primarily affects the issues of survival and safety, desire and passion, and mastery of ego. The next energy center is the heart energy center. It is the gateway to the higher energy center and opens us up to all the possibilities of love. The higher energy center affects the mental and intuitive energies.

As prana rises through these primary energy centers we begin to access more of our power as human beings, evolving into different forms of ourselves. If we can raise it all the way to the top we are referred to as enlightened. I’ll admit, that’s a feat that requires a lot of work and sacrifice to accomplish in one lifetime. However, to raise the energy from our sexual center to our heart center is a much easier task. Once that happens you are awakened. It is easily achievable in one lifetime.

Initially raising your prana to your heart energy center doesn’t take that much work on your part.

The first step is to get familiar with the energy body if you aren’t already. Start by googling things like energy body, prana, chakras, nadis, dantians, etc. and do a deep dive into the reputable articles and videos. Within thirty minutes to a few hours (depending on your learning style) you should have a basic conceptual understanding. Then it only takes a few minutes a day and you’re well on your way.

Everyone can find fifteen minutes twice a day for something important enough. I say that as someone who worked at the number one law firm in the world twice and sat on board calls with the likes of Charles Schwab. If you can’t carve out fifteen minutes for yourself twice a day, you’ll do well to understand the power of saying no (a topic I’ll cover in a blog post in the near future).

Find a quiet place where you can be alone. Sit in a locked bathroom, car or closed closet if you have to. You can sit on a chair with a straight spine and both feet on the floor if that most comfortable but sitting in a lotus or simple cross legged position is best (standing and driving should be avoided to prevent injury). Close your eyes and move your attention to the energy fields and centers you learned about. Notice but don’t respond to the thoughts as they arise. If your mind is wandering too much, there are techniques you can use to direct the action. Guided meditations can be useful to internalize the process but should be replaced with your internal guidance as soon as possible.

That’s all there is to it. If you can commit yourself to doing this everyday for a month straight, you’ll notice considerable changes. Results vary for everyone, but one thing that’s common with most people is an increase in their intuition. You’ll naturally start to get ideas about how to change your life and know how to implement them.

Be prepared to make significant changes if you expect to attain your dream life in this lifetime. Expect what your dream life looks like today to change as you evolve and grow, then the changes you intuitively make will all make sense.

When I had my first awakening, I intuitively tried to learn everything there was to know about three things: self-help, writing, and building and creating blogs and websites. In my mind I wanted to start a private equity firm and change the world by woke investing so it didn’t make a ton of sense, but I trusted my gut. Over time opportunities in the field of private equity made me realize I couldn’t create the type of change I envisioned in the world while being a part of that world.

Instead, over the years I built blogs and websites, ran forums and servers, and wrote four novels. Sometimes I wouldn’t even launch a website after buying a domain and spending months creating it. But the lessons I learned made it an invaluable experience. Now as I focus on being an author, coach, and blogger I see what my intuition was planning. All the rapid change and hard work was worth it.

If you dedicate yourself to thirty minutes a day, eventually you’ll feel an urge to make changes. Depending on where you are in your life journey those changes may be physical. You’ve finally found a diet and exercise routine that works for you and you’re rapidly transforming your body. They may be emotional. You’re letting go of people that no longer fit in your life and healing old traumas. They may be career related. You feel an urge to learn a new skill or to leave your job.

The key to getting the results you want in the long run is to embrace the discomfort of the changes and let go of expectations on how you’ll get to the results. Growth only happens where there’s movement. The friction we are naturally inclined to resist holds the parts necessary for profound change. The only way out is in. Embrace the discomfort and watch your life blossom into something you never knew was possible. It only takes fifteen minutes twice a day. Is it worth trying for a month?

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